IPEG Events

See you at the 2017 conference in Autumn! Details of previous conferences and any upcoming workshops are below.

Previous events:

  • IPEG annual conference October 2016, Leeds Beckett University: IPEG annual conference 2016 ‘International Political Economy?’
  • IPEG annual conference October 2015, Manchester University: IPEG annual conference 2015 ‘IPE and the New Social Divisions’
  • IPEG annual conference September 2014, Leeds University: IPE AND THE NEW NORMAL. OPEN CONFLICT AFTER THE CRASH
  • IPEG/GIRWG/SPRC/MDX Law Workshop June 2014, Middlesex University, London: Theorising Social Reproduction
  • IPEG/SPERI Workshop May 2014, Sheffield University: Forced Labour
  • IPEG/BLT Workshop February 2014, Middlesex University, London: Education Meets Neoliberalism and the Political Economy of Precarity
  • IPEG Workshop December 2013, Manchester University: Beyond Troubled Engagements? Feminist Challenges to ‘Critical’ IPE
  • IPEG Workshop November 2013, Warwick University: Financial Resilience in the Wake of the Crisis
  • IPEG Annual Conference 2013, Limerick University: Austerity, Crisis and Social Fallout See IPEG 2013 Conference Proceedings here
  • BISA Annual Conference 2013, Birmingham: IPEG Panels Beyond the Ivory Tower: International Relations and the Real World
  • IPEG/COST/ICDD/GLU Workshop: The Future and Praxis of Decent Work (14th-15th February 2013, University of Kassel, Germany)
  • IPEG Annual Conference: The Future of Global Economic Governance (10th-11th September 2012, Birmingham University)
  • IPEG Workshop: Political Economy and the State in Historical Perspective (11th July 2012, Cambridge University)
  • BISA/ISA 2012 Joint International Conference: Diversity in the Discipline: Tension or Opportunity in Responding to Global Challenges, IPEG and IPEG/ISA IPE section panels (20th-22nd June 2012, Edinburgh)
  • IPEG Workshop: For a Public University (15th June 2012, University of Nottingham)
  • BISA/IPEG Working Group Workshop Grant: Methodologies of the Everyday in International Political Economy (29th-30th May 2012, University of Copenhagen)
  • IPEG Workshop: Comparison, Analysis, Critique – Critical Perspectives on the Diversity of Contemporary Capitalism(s) (10th-11th February 2012, Jugendherberge Wiesbaden)
  • IPEG/BISA Global Health Workshop: Global Health, Political Economy and Beyond(7th December 2011, City University)
  • IPEG@40: Life begins… or midlife crisis?