BISA IPEG Constitution

British International Studies Association
International Political Economy Group
IPEG Constitution

The main purpose of IPEG is to bring together scholars and students with an interest in IPE. It provides a forum where we can meet to discuss our work and also seeks when appropriate to further the interests of this broad and growing academic community within the UK.

Convenors and governing team
There are two governing positions in IPEG, the Convenor and the Book Prize Chair. Convenors take primary responsibility for running the Working Group and there should be ideally two or more Convenors for each two year term. Book Prize Chairs shall be involved in other areas of IPEG management by mutual agreement but the role should ordinarily be kept separate i.e. a Convenor may not also act as a Book Prize Chair.

The Convenor and Book Prize Chair organise elections for their roles every two years using appropriate software (e.g. SurveyMonkey). The announcement will go out normally in August/October to the IPEG list with instructions for nominations and elections. Only members of both BISA and IPEG may stand. Convenors may run elections sooner to enable ‘shadowing’ in final months of role.

Students may not convene Working Groups on their own, although they may be part of a management team alongside professional scholars or practitioners. This team should be able to provide a stable basis for, and continuity of, the management of Working Group for a 2-year term.

Financial arrangements
IPEG has an HSBC Community Business bank account in the name of the serving Convenor.

IPEG Convenors submit selected members’ funding proposals directly to BISA. BISA is responsible for transferring any awarded funds to the IPEG Convenor. Convenors are responsible for distributing funds awarded by BISA to successful members.

Convenors may propose amendments to the constitution provided they meet BISA Working Group Guidelines criteria in consultation with BISA Executive and in particular with the BISA Working Groups Champion.

IPEG Events
BISA-IPEG members host and run events throughout the year that are competitively funded by BISA. This usually consists of IPEG Workshops, which are intended to focus on IPEG members’ specific interests in identified research areas and are thus organised, hosted and run by members. We normally hold an IPEG Annual Conference, which is often a larger event than workshops and is intended to facilitate discussions across a wide range of areas of research including cross-disciplinary and cutting edge research in IPE. (Refer to Annual Conferences below.)

Criteria for proposals and organization: All members of IPEG and BISA are eligible to propose, participate in and attend all BISA funded IPEG Workshop and IPEG Annual Conferences based on open calls for papers and contributions. Calls for participation must go to both IPEG and BISA lists after members have been notified that proposals have been successful.

Event proposals:  The official call for Working Group events funding is sent in the first instance to Convenors via BISA usually in October or November of each year. Convenors then set the criteria for calls for proposals to run IPEG Workshops or the IPEG Annual Conference based on BISA regulations. Convenors send Calls for IPEG Event Proposals to the IPEG jiscmail list.

If desired, Convenors may work closely with IPEG members to ensure Workshop and Annual Conference proposals meet criteria and conventions. After members submit proposals to the IPEG Convenor within the deadlines set, Convenor selects which IPEG Workshop and IPEG Annual Conference proposals will be submitted to BISA.

There is no right to be advanced for BISA consideration for any events. Submission is at the discretion of the IPEG Convenor.

Members propose IPEG panels for each BISA Annual Conference. Guidelines around these are forwarded each year by the IPEG Convenor who submits proposals to BISA accordingly.

Institutional funding: If matched/increases in funding are provided by host institutions, IPEG Workshop organisers and Annual Conference hosts must acknowledge funders. BISA funded events must first and foremost follow BISA and IPEG conventions for funding to be awarded. BISA and IPEG must be prominent in all advertising and promotion.

Advertising: Members must promote BISA and IPEG in all advertising for and at all IPEG Workshops and IPEG Annual Conferences.

IPEG Annual Conference: The purpose of the Annual Conference is to facilitate discussions across a wide range of areas of research including cross-disciplinary and cutting edge research in IPE.

The content for the IPEG Annual Conference abstract and call for papers is written by the IPEG Convenor and the draft and final programme is also managed by the IPEG Convenor who may include other IPEG members in this process. Convenors promote less prominent areas of research to ensure broad inclusion. Local hosts organise and manage logistics. All primary host organisers must hold PhDs.

Any IPEG member may propose to host the IPEG Annual Conference. Prior consultation with the Convenor is necessary.

Local hosts and Convenor and Book Prize editors work to advertise and promote events widely.

Any issues that may arise must be first and foremost be dealt with across members and evidence of attempted resolution is required before formal complaints may be made to the BISA Executive. The BISA Executive Working Groups Champion will be the first point of contact for any complaint and details of all complaints will be made known across all parties. The BISA Working Groups Champion will provide assistance and advice to resolve any issues between members. If the matter cannot be resolved then the Chair of the BISA Research Committee may be contacted.

Refer to BISA Working Group Guidelines for more information.